Trump This FarWe have a guest panelist, Paul Johnson, and we’re talking Trump this far and personal identity.

We start off by talking about everyone’s feelings on being recorded in public since Scott did some live-steaming on vacation.

We then break down the Trump administration so far, starting with the travel ban for people from 7 countries and going through many of the other policies that he has put in place over the last couple months. We rate him on his performance up to this point on various issues using an article from How would you rate his first couple of months? What are your favorite policies Trump has pushed through? What are your least favorite?

Is Donald Trump just yet another war president? Of course, he is! He is continuing the policies of Obama who continued the policies of Bush who continued the policies of Clinton who continued the policies of Bush who continued the policies of Reagan…

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The difference in essential property and secondary property is on the table. We discuss how your personal identity works and when it starts.

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