Scott interviews medicinal cannabis advocate Seth Green of Greener Pastures Tennessee in this bonus episode.

Seth was born with Cerebral Palsy and started having seizures at age 13. He now has multiple illnesses because of this condition. He wants to give people information on alternative medicine that is out there for people like him.

Greener Pastures Tennessee is a place for medicinal cannabis advocacy. Trying to get your story told in its true likeness can be a daunting task. Greener Pastures Tennessee knows this very well. That’s why I Seth Green am committed to helping medical cannabis patients that can’t talk or move have a place to tell their stories and share their struggles as well as their triumphs.

I take the pursuit of cannabis education very seriously. Where I live, cannabis is currently against the law even though it is a life-saving medication. I promote medicinal cannabis by advocating on the steps of our nation’s capital and other places every chance I get.

I’m a terminally ill individual who deserves the right to treat myself with a plant in order to find a better quality of life. The countless pharmaceuticals they’ve put me on in the past have not only failed but have come with side effects and consequences I would rather have avoided.

Cannabis has helped him to get off of over 20 types of medications that were giving him even more seizures and mood swings.

Did John the Baptist use cannabis in the Bible?

Without cannabis, Seth suffers terribly and will have seizures. He typically uses cannabis by ingesting edibles and oil because it works better for his body. He generally sticks toindica strains after a lot of trial and error.

Seth is hoping that the Libertarian Party and new politicians can help Tennessee become a medical cannabis state soon. His goal is to create a grow site or to own a medical cannabis facility.

Find Seth Green on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for more information. Or, you can go to his website.

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