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Dash and Trump’s Twitter part 2 – ABS033

Hey Guys! It’s time for the Ancap Barber Shop yet again!
Co-host Adam is absent for this episode, so Scott, Dave and Tanner take it away. They’ve moved back to Scott’s house due to the harsh Alabama cold driving them out of Adam’s loft. For the first climate controlled episode in quite a while the ancap barber boys will be discussing Dash and Trump’s twitter (yet again). 

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Free Speech and Alabama Voting – ABS031

FANS OF THE ANCAP BARBER SHOP, THIS JUST IN, WE ARE 3% OF THE WAY TOWARDS OUR GOAL OF $100 PER EPISODE THANKS TO OUR NEW PATRONS DAVID AND ACTUAL ANARCHY!!! We've got a banger of an episode for you tonight, or today or whatever! We start off thanking our new patrons...

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Net Neutrality Part 2 with Drake Lundstrom

In this episode, we once again discuss net neutrality... this time joined by Drake Lundstrom. We are also joined by Dave and Tanner, and as usual Scott and Adam. Let us know what you thought about the episode by sending us an email at

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